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Cover Animationsfilm in Japan bis 1917

Animationsfilm in Japan bis 1917
Die Anfänge des Anime und seine westlichen Wurzeln

[Animated film in Japan until 1917. The beginnings of anime and its western roots.] Norderstedt: BoD - Books on Demand, 2016. vii, 103 pp. 18 ill. ISBN: 978-3-7412-8538-7.
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In 2017, anime will celebrate its 100th birthday ‒ or so it is believed. In fact, in 1917 the first Japanese animated movies were screened in cinemas in Tokyo, yet at least one very short animated film already existed in Japan years earlier. This loop film, known as "Katsudō shashin", was made for home kinematographs, and it was highly likely inspired by similar German loop films which count among the oldest and least known animated films in the world.
Of course, this study also discusses all the Japanese animated movies shown in 1917, as well as their technical backgrounds and the three anime pioneers who created them. It also covers western animation shown in Japan up to 1917, for example the "Col. Heeza Liar" movies by J. R. Bray, and articles in Japanese on animation know-how, critically engaging with claims about the creativity and achievements of those anime pioneers.
This is the first monograph and the only comprehensive and up-to-date study on the beginnings of animated film in Japan in any language; some information presented here, e.g. a summary of the contents of the only anime made in 1919, has been unknown up to now.
[Please note that this book is in German, but includes Japanese characters in the appendix.]


Preface v
0 Introduction 1
0.1 State of the field and purpose of this study 1
0.2 Definitions of western technical terms 2
0.3 Explanations of Japanese technical terms 6
1 Printed animation in Germany and Japan 11
1.1 Early German kinematographs and printed animation 11
1.2 Carette in Japan 15
1.3 Katsudō shashin 17
2 Western animated movies and know-how in Japan until 1917 23
2.1 Western animated movies in Japan until early 1912 23
2.2 Nipparu no henkei 26
2.3 Western animated movies in Japan from 1914 to 1917 27
2.4 Japanese articles on western animation know-how 1916/17 29
3 The pioneers of Japanese animated movies 33
3.1 Shimokawa Ōten a.k.a. Shimokawa Hekoten 33
3.2 Kitayama Seitarō 38
3.3 Kōuchi Jun'ichi 47
3.4 The three film companies Nikkatsu, Tenkatsu and Kobayashi Shōkai 50
4 Japanese animated movies in 1917 55
5 What was left? 75
6 Appendix 83
6.1 Remarks on usage 83
6.2 Glossary of Japanese words 83
6.3 Illustration credits 85
6.4 Bibliography 86
6.5 Name index 96
6.6 Title index 100

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